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Unaccompanied Student Travel

The primary purpose of the North Penn International Friendship Committee (NPIFC) exchange program is to provide opportunities for North Penn students to study abroad and to experience life in another culture.   This includes attending school on a regular basis and to live with a host family associated with one of our approved partner schools.  The primary aim is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the participating student.   The safety and welfare of the student are the most important considerations so all activities that the student engages in must comply with this goal.

Although we encourage for the student to have a fulfilling and broad experience we recognize that traveling outside of the host city is something that the participating students would like to take advantage of.  When considering travel outside the hosting city all students must complete a Travel Consent Form.  Click here to download this form.   School related travel and travel with the hosting family (accompanied travel) fits into our guidelines as long as the travel does not interfere with the school schedule.

An travel that in unaccompanied by either a hosting school official or one or more of the host parents is not permitted by the NPIFC.   The NPIFC will not take any responsibility for such travel and will not give our approval.   However if he travel does not interfere with the school schedule or the host family schedule the natural parents can assume full responsibility for the safety and welfare of the student while traveling and relieve the NPIFC of any responsibility related to this travel and can sign the following:

We the natural parents of ________________________________ hereby consent to our son/daughter to be able to travel outside the host city unaccompanied by one or both of the host parents and we assume full responsibility for this decision knowing that this is contrary to the NPIFC standing position of not allowing unaccompanied travel outside the hosting city.  We will not hold the NPIFC responsible for this travel and relieve the NPIFC of any responsibility related to this travel.  

                 Natural Parents Consent Signature________________________________________Date___________________



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