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Reimbursement Guidelines for School Related Trips by American Students Abroad

The North Penn International Friendship Committee (NPIFC) encourages our American exchange students abroad to participate in partner school sponsored trips or school related trips.  If the trip complies with our guidelines and the trip is actually taken, the NPIFC will reimburse the student’s family for the cost of the trip up to $750.

Criteria for Reimbursement

1.  Trip request must be made in writing to the NPIFC advisors who will forward the request to the NPIFC for consideration and possible approval.  This request must be made before the trip is taken.

2.  The trip request must include the trip particulars and be approved and confirmed in writing by the partner school advisor, the host parents and the student’s natural parents.

3.  The details of the trip must include destination, dates of the trip, and the costs.

4.  Vacation and travel with the host family is considered personal travel and is not reimbursable by the NPIFC.

5.  Reimbursement is for the cost of travel and will not include repayment for food and other amenities.

If the partner school does not offer a school sponsored or school related trip the NPIFC will consider a request for travel that fits the above criteria and these additional guidelines.

1.  The trip must be culturally relevant and beneficially add to the cultural experience.  Family vacations will not considered.

2.  The trip must be chaperoned or attended by the host parents or an alternative that has been approved by the partner school advisor.

3.  Trip reimbursement will not exceed $500 and proper documentation of trip costs needs to be provided.


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