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The North Penn High School Exchange Program is administered by the North Penn International Friendship Committee (NPIFC).   There are currently four International Programs that have approved status and North Penn will only accept foreign students through these programs.   They are AFS, Youth for Understanding (YFU), Rotary, and the International Friendship Exchange (partner schools).

Students can complete an application to each of these International Programs under the guidelines for each program.  Foreign students can be accepted into North Penn High School through any of these program although the North Penn International Friendship Committee(NPIFC) is responsible for acceptance of all students.   The NPIFC also serves as the advisory body for

  • selection of students
  • selection of host families
  • student orientation
  • fundraising
  • publicity
  • pertinent special events
  • all activities associated with the exchange students.

The International Friendship Exchange is an exclusive United States Department program (under SEVIS) administered by the NPIFC and is the official group is responsible for the Partnership Schools.   Currently there are five partner schools

  • Kranich Gymnasium, Salzgitter, Germany – Click Here to visit their website
  • Schubart Gymnasium, Aalen, Germany – Click Here to visit their website
  • Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Madrid, Spain – Click Here to visit their website
  • Lycée Pierre de Fermat, Toulouse, France – Click Here to visit their website
  • Akatsuki Gakuen, Yokkaichi, Japan
  • Lycée Saint Genes, Bordeaux, France – Click Here to visit their website

The purpose of the Partner Schools is to promote peace and understanding between the corresponding nations and to provide an opportunity for a student to study, learn and have a positive cultural experience in one of the partner schools.  The program is a direct exchange experience where the corresponding schools send and accept a student into the corresponding high school.  The partnership is an agreement between schools a student is selected to represent their school in the other partner school.  The tuition for attending each of the partner schools is waived and each partner school agrees to host, accept the student in the school classes, and support the student for the school year.

Each partner school has a liaison (advisor) who will supper the student both academically and on a personal basis.

The partner schools are part of the Sevis Program #P-3-05781

and following is the pertinent information for these schools.

German Partnership established 1962

     Kranich Gymnasium

     An der Windmühle 23-27, 38226 Salzgitter, Germany

     School Number 67082

     Principal: Mrs. Anke Ilgner        Phone: 49-5341-40970      


     Student Advisor:  Mrs. Corinna Malerz     


German Partnership established 1983

     Schubart Gymnasium

     Rombacher Str. 30. 73430 Aalen, Germany

     Principal:  Mrs. Christiane Dittmann    Phone: 49 (0) 7361-9561-0  


     Student Advisor:  Andrea T. Ariman    


French Partnership established 2006

     Lycée Pierre de Fermat

     BP 7013, Place des Jacobins, 41068 DEDEX 7 Toulouse, France

     Phone: 33 5 62 15 42 15

     Student Advisor:  Valerie Capelle


Spanish Partnership established in 2011

     Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar

     C/ Castello 56, 28001, Madrid, Spain

     Registration # 28008511

     Principal:  Belen Blanco     Phone  91-575 04 04    


     Student Advisor:   Elena Penuela   Phone 0034 91 551 8966      


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